While teaching in a small Catholic School in the 70’s a young boy, who was a Timorese Refugee, produced a drawing of Jesus hanging on the Cross. It was a haunting and powerful expression of the crucifixion. To me it had the same clarity of expression and directness as Grunwald’s “Crucifixion”. I have used this image in this scene where our Lord is being accused by the institutional religion of the day and the Government or the World symbolized as soldiers. The accusers are mechanical, sub human and limbless except for the accusing fingers. They grind their teeth in rage. Jesus  is depicted as innocent and somewhat bewildered, beckoning the viewer to witness the occasion!

I have used a broad range of intense colours to express life and hope. The bird is a symbol of God who sees all things. I Refer to “My Thoughts” for an explanation of the style and symbols I use.