King David penned the “Lamentation” Psalms from which Jesus quoted, crying out from the Cross - “My God why have you forsaken me?”

This is the ultimate wail of disappointment. The Father had turned his back, or so it surely seemed, letting history take its course, letting all that was wrong with the world triumph over all that was right.

Some seasons in our Christian walk are characterised by disaster, failure and suffering. When life and circumstances just aren’t what they are supposed to be.  When there is a breakdown in relationships, the death of a loved one, poor health, and financial collapse. When circumstances outside of our control overpower us and cause us great pain and mental anguish.

When this occurs we immediately examine ourselves, and ask the question “are we not walking in Gods will?” and even worst “Is there a God”

Probably the men who experienced the greatest disappointment and disillusionment with God were those disciples who stood before the cross, as their battered and broken leader and saviour, breathed his last breath.

Surely this could not be right!

God would not abandon his own Son.

God would not renege on all the promises he had made.

The Son of God who was to deliver them from the bondage of Rome and the legalism of the judeaistic system was now dead!

At this point in time the disciple’s understanding and expectations of what God was doing through the Son of God, was very different to God’s intentions. The disciples were disappointed because their expectations were not fulfilled. Their deliverer and liberator is now dead.

Their expectations were wrong because they did not fully understand Gods purpose and plans. Their perspective of the events that transpired was very different to Gods. Their viewpoint was a finite/creature perspective. This perspective gave them insufficient and inaccurate information resulting in wrong expectations.

God’s perspective is eternal; whatever happens to us is not the end of the story. Whatever we experience now is not the final curtain of a play. That for us will only occur when Jesus returns, or when we pass from this world to the other, where we receive God’s promise of eternal Life and Sonship. 

Life’s experiences can be disappointing, crushing and debilitating or they can be a catalyst for change, a challenge, an opportunity for growth. They can tear down our faith or reveal a truth. They can destroy us or refine us and build depth of character. In most cases that decision is ours alone. We have the power to choose. But whatever choice we make, our Father is there with us, supporting us, cheering us on, and giving us the power to see and to forgive. Whether we make foolish decisions or wise, whether we win or fail, he is there with us and he will fulfil that which concerns us!

A “crisis of Faith” can be a step to a greater and deeper richness in our Christian journey.