One of my first attempts at painting, the exercise was a therapeutic experience for me. It is the recording of a very painful event and was a means of dealing with my grief at the death of a friend. Dave was a policeman, my mate and a good bloke. We played tennis together one evening and the next morning he dropped dead from a heart attack. The next time I saw him he was encased in a white coffin, it was his funeral. He was just 39 years of age and left a wife and four beautiful little boys. I wept for Dave and his family. For their suffering, for their loss, and the fact that Dave’s life had been completed and we were so unprepared.

Our society is very good at hiding and avoiding the issue of death.

Psalm 90:12 says “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom” It seems that wisdom and the true perspective on life starts with the realization of our own finiteness. The bible says that God has numbered each man’s days and that our lives are but a “breath” in the scheme of eternity. To confront death is to confront our own mortality and that forces us to address the important questions of life. The meaning of life and the significance of my own life.

Though there is a black hole of “nothingness” in this image, the birds gather in expectation as the soul passes to the other world beyond the grave. The good news for us as Christians is that there is one person in history that has overcome death and his promise to us is that we too will have eternal life.

Paul the New Testament writer says this that the resurrection is based on historical fact and these facts are well attested by competent witnesses including the twelve apostles and even 500 witnesses at one time (1Corinthians 15:1-8). Furthermore the resurrection is a fulfilment of scripture. There are over 27 prophesies about specific details of the crucifixion and resurrection with a 350m to one chance that they would all be fulfilled.

Paul forcefully argues the importance of this truth and that if the event of the resurrection is not true then we are fools! If there is no resurrection then philosophically we would have to hold to the existentialists view. If  there is no afterlife, if this is all there is, then life has no ultimate meaning. “Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die”

The historical fact is that there was a resurrection. Christianity is based upon Historical fact not upon human reason, assumptions, propositions, poetic myth or human imagination. The ultimate fulfilment of God’s redemption of man is victory over death!

He has passed through the grave to make a way for us.

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