I have had a love of art all my life, in fact some of my earliest posivite memories involve painting figures in infant school.

Although I trained as and artist and teacher, I was only employed in the teaching prefession for about a decade. I was then involved in commerce for the next 4 decades where I managed to paint images now and then in my spare time. It is only recently since my retirement and the coming into adulthood of my 4 children, have I had the time and pleasure to practice art.

For me art has been the opportunity to express my world view and in particular my journey with the divine. As such, the creative practice of painting and drawing has been in many ways a spiritual practice. 

In the "Reflections" directory I have attempted to provide an insight into my thoughts, creative process and spiritual insights which I see as all interrelated.  I have obviously borrowed from many inspiring writers such as Buechner, Peterson, Rohr, Benner, Borg, Armstrong and Tolle. I have unfortunately, on a number of occasions, blurred the boundary between their words and mine,  I apologise for the plagiarism and my adaptations.

While my life has been greatly influenced by the Evangelical Christian tradition, i have recently had an "awakening" into the great expanse of the "Divine Milieu".

"For in Him we live and move and have our being" Acts 17:28