My recording of the events of 11th September 2001. 

My family and I watched these events unfold in real time from the comfort of our lounge room and the other side of the world, in Australia. We were like the rest of the civilized world - shocked and horrified at what took place before our very eyes. A planned, systematic act of killing random, innocent, individuals with such precision, in the name of God, was beyond belief. However, such acts are not confined to any one religion, race or creed. “Christians” have been killing one another for over 2,000 years, in many cases believing it to be ordained by God. This barbaric and evil act reveals the darkest side of man’s heart, motivated only by hatred. Such evil will never be overcome by similar acts of revenge. It is only through God’s grace and deliverance that Love abounds and eventually overcomes such destructive forces.

The use of childlike images and motifs adds a naivety and innocence to the image, which is of course, in stark contrast to the nature of the event. It serves to heighten the evil nature and intent of the event.

The twin towers were significant to the New York skyline and in a sense symbolized the ingenuity and might of man and man’s empire, driven and sustained in most cases by the dollar and the creation of wealth. The dollar sign symbolizes this capitalist system and of course the cross represents Christianity. Together they symbolize “The West” - an ideology that is abhorred in many parts of the world but has delivered significant social benefits over many generations.