The journey is an analogy for life. Life is an experience to have.

The human condition means that we experience highs and lows, clarity and confusion, peace and anguish, activity and stillness, abundance and poverty, company and solitude.

God uses the analogy of the journey to communicate to us, to reveal something about who he is and to give clear directions for our lives.

     “The path is narrow ….”

     “The way is broad….”

     “Be still and know ….”

     “I will give you rest …God also uses the journey to mould our lives.

As human beings we want safety and security, control over our environment and the outcomes in our lives. Unfortunately on our life’s journey the future is unknown, it is full of risk and uncertainty.

The journey can take us to unfamiliar places and when we have different experiences, we are often enriched by them. Different experiences give us a different view of life, they change our values and our perspective on life.

Like the boy in the boat, the journey may be lonely, however, Jesus’s promise to us is that he will never leave of forsake us.