This painting is about the body of scripture of Mathew 13:1-9

Jesus went into a boat; he did this in order to be able to communicate to the crowd. Sometimes God separates himself from our lives so that we might hear. He distanced himself and put the sea between himself and the crowd. Sometimes separated at a distance we hear and see God and life more clearly. We sometimes need to distance ourselves from a situation in order to get the right perspective and understanding because we are too close and caught up in it. Sometimes at a distance we are able to focus, separate the subject and hold it in focus from the surrounding environment.

It is from the boat, at a distance, that Jesus tells the parable of the sower. I have painted Jesus in the boat because in one sense the parable is not a complete image without the context of the broader story. The story, our story, is always in the context of something bigger and broader than what we can imagine or are aware of. The context anchors the story and provides the framework for the narrative to unfold. The story is told by Jesus and his gaze is fixed upon the viewer. Beckoning a response, a decision. There is a pause as Jesus waits the outcome from the Viewer.

A boat is the symbol of a journey. It is at the mercy of the sea and waves and the elements. At times it is calm and secure and at other times it is rough perilous and very insecure. I have used bright and intense Primary and secondary colours to create an overall impression of brightness, life, gaiety and joy. It accentuates the positive side of life which normally full full of all the hues. Placing the complementary colours together the purple fruit and a yellow background highlights the fruit.

There is a yellow sky as opposed to a blue one. God’s Kingdom is an upside down Kingdom – things never seem to appear as they should be. The birds who eat the seed are not black as you would expect. The birds are one of the villains of the story symbolically you would expect them to be black. They are not, in this case they are white and blue. Often the things that discourage us, work against us and bring about our ruin are the things that appear okay. At times it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad except through their fruit or the outcome of an experience. It would be easy to make the birds black but life is not like that. Mostly it is difficult to distinguish from that which would make us and that which would destroy us.